​Advocating for Individuals, ​Supporting the Industry

International Association of Manufacturers, Processors, Operators & Transporters


if you touch the plant at work or at home or provide services to those who do


if you lead any group of individuals at work or advocate as a volunteer you may be eligible


if you support all plant touching citizens, get the shirt, wear the shirt, change the world

IAMPOT is a nonprofit group recently formed working on behalf of its members to ensure individuals in the cannabis and cannabis derived products industry receive access to the same employee benefits and services enjoyed by other industries including health and life insurance for manufacturers, processors, operators and transporters and their families.

It’s Time To Stand Up – Email standup@iampot.org


We came from the underground. We are used to settling for less than other professionals. It’s time to stand up.


Working together we are forming large inclusive alliances with other plant touching citizens to increase buying power. It’s time to join.


When we stand together we can gain access to better insurance and professional services rates. It’s time to gain the respect of your nation.

It’s Time To Stand Up – Email standup@iampot.org

if you are interested in receiving benefits and services normally denied to the cannabis industry, you belong right here.



Launching 2021

Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, Texas and soon Oklahoma, Canada, Mexico

  • IAMPOT unites industry across brands, borders, cannabinoids and business models to meet the needs of the valued citizens who devote their lives as the industry matures worldwide.
  • IAMPOT serves as a means to accomplish benefits and professional services at a lower cost and with less rejection than industry employers struggling on their own to meet their personal needs and the needs of their employees and their families.